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Does Your Hair Look Dull? Here’s How To Fix It

Every woman wants to have shiny, bright and elastic hair, which is the embodiment of healthy hair. Dull hair is unhealthy luster, lifeless and without natural luster, which makes your appearance very boring and unattractive. This will affect your temperament. Dull hair is a common hair problem in daily life. How to avoid and repair this hair is something that almost every woman desires.

You will know more about dull hair in today’s blog, and you can learn the skills to avoid and repair dull hair when using it. Please keep reading and don’t miss it.

What is dull hair?


Dull hair refers to the appearance of hair with damaged cuticle, which is mainly reflected in dull, rough, military and dry head. These problems can cause new hair problems, such as tangling and shedding. If the stratum corneum of your hair is not damaged, your hair will naturally be shiny, and it is not easy to tangle and split, and it will also be supple.

What makes your hair dull?

1. Accumulation of hair care products

When you clean and protect your hair, be careful not to leave residues of care products on your hair. Long-term accumulation will damage your hair, and accumulation will also prevent hair oil secreted by your scalp from entering your hair for moisturizing.

2. Hard water


When you wash your hair, if you use hard water, the calcium and magnesium in the hard water will slowly accumulate on your hair, thus making your hair dull.

3. Sun damage

Hair exposed to ultraviolet rays of the sun for a long time will damage the cuticle of hair and make it dull and fragile.

4. Overheating and setting


Heating tools will damage your hair, and excessive use of heat setting tools will make your hair duller.

5. Dye your hair wrongly

Dyeing hair is a chemical process that will harm the hair and make it dull. Especially permanent dyeing will cause irreversible damage to the hair.

6. Improper hair care products

Hair care products containing alcohol or sulfate have been avoided as far as possible. Both alcohol and sulfate have the characteristics of drying hair, which is easy to cause dull hair.

7. No comb your hair in time

When your hair is tangled, you should comb your hair with a comb to remove the tangles. This will allow your natural oil to reach every inch of your hair and nourish good hair.

8. Pregnancy


If you don’t have enough nutrition during pregnancy, your hair may appear dull and soft.

9. Too much washing

Too much shampooing and too little shampooing can cause dull hair. Too little cleaning will keep pollutants in your hair, which will harm your hair or prevent it from nourishing. Too much washing will lead to the loss of moisture and some nutrients in the hair, and it will also hurt the hair. You need moderate cleaning.

10. Extreme weather


Extreme weather with strong ultraviolet rays, smog, strong winds and dry cold air can damage the cuticle of your hair, making it dry and tangled and dull.

11. Bad lifestyles

Will you have a healthy lifestyle? If you stay up late, lack of protein, eat irregularly and suffer from malnutrition, it can also cause your hair to be dull and dry.

12. Chlorine gas

If you don’t take proper precautions, chlorine will damage your hair, which will lead to dull hair when you swim in a swimming pool or in the sea.

13. No care when sleeping

You don’t pay attention to protect your hair when you sleep, and the friction between your hair and your pillow will lead to dryness or even fall off.

How to fix the problem of dull hair?

Tips to prevent dull hair:

1. Wash your hair in time


You need to wash your hair in time to make sure it is clean, but don’t over-wash it.

2. Protective swimming measures

You should wear a swimming cap when swimming. After swimming, you should also wash your hair in time.

3. Wear a nightcap


When you sleep at night, you can wear a silk hair cap to help you reduce hair friction, thus preventing dry hair.

4. Avoid bad hair care products

You need to avoid hair products that contain ingredients such as alcohol, parabens and sulfates, which can cause your hair to be dull and dry.

5. Use soft water


You should try to avoid hard water touching your hair. You should use soft water for shower, bath and shampoo.

6. Correct heat setting

You should reduce the number of heat setting, and at the same time, take good heat protection during heat setting. You can use heat protection liquid or use the minimum temperature for heat setting. 

7. Healthy living habits

Your healthy lifestyle can help prevent the occurrence of dull hair. You should eat healthily, work regularly, and pay special attention to supplementing protein.

8. Prevention in winter


In winter, the cold and dry cold air will be the biggest culprit for your dull hair. You can use a humidifier indoors to avoid dry hair. You can also wear a hat or headscarf to protect your hair when you go out. Knitting your hair into a bun is also a good way.

9. Comb your hair in time

When your hair is tangled, you need to untangle it in time. You can use a wide-toothed comb with essential oil.

10. Dyeing and bleaching

You should minimize dyeing or bleaching your hair, which can effectively protect your hair.

11. Avoid product accumulation and overuse

You can’t overuse hair care products, otherwise it will cause product accumulation, which is why you can’t wash your hair frequently.

12. Essential oils and conditioner


You can use essential oil and conditioner to maintain your hair, prevent hair dullness, and at the same time, you can also repair your hair to keep it hydrated and dull of nutrients.

Tips to restore your hair:

1. Remove product accumulation

You can use a cleaner containing powerful plant ingredients, and then gently brush your hair and scalp with a special hairbrush. This cleaner can break down the accumulation on your head.

2. Scalp essence


You can use essential oil or essence to repair your hair and make it full of nutrition and luster again. This product can clean, nourish your scalp and hair, keep it moist and make your hair healthier.

3. Hair conditioner containing protein

You can use the conditioner containing protein to give your hair deep care once a week. You can apply conditioner to your hair before going to bed, then wrap it, get some sleep, and clean your wig the next day. This is a great way to restore hair.

4. Consult a professional hairdresser


You can consult a professional hairdresser and ask them about the specific situation of your hair and some maintenance opinions that are more suitable for you. You can also spend some money for them to help you maintain your hair.

What is the quickest way to get bright shiny hair?

Yes, you can wear a new human hair wig to achieve the quickest bright shiny hair look. The human hair wigs are very natural like your own hair. And a wig price is not expensive. If you need to own a bright hair look in a hurry, human hair wigs will be good choices. There are various types and styles you can choose for human hair wigs.

Final thoughts

Hope you can fix your dull hair and own bright shiny hair some day after you read this blog. And dear, there are many kinds of human hair wigs in our hair shop. You can check them in our website and do orders there.

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