How To Care For Virgin Brazilian Body Wave Hair

Virgin Brazilian body wave hair is the texture of hair extensions which is being widely searched recently. He can provide you with S-shaped deep wave patterns, which are of high quality, durable and low maintenance cost. Recently, many people are trying to buy virgin Brazilian body wave hair wigs and hair bundles.

As a result, many customers ask how to maintain this hair texture, so that it can play better and keep a beautiful state. Regarding the maintenance of virgin Brazilian body wave hair, you can start from four aspects, namely, cleaning, drying, modeling and maintenance. Today’s blog will help you learn these four techniques to better care your virgin Brazilian body wave hair.


What is virgin body wave hair

Virgin human hair is the best-quality hair which means the hair without chemical process and with the cuticles intact. The hair is smooth and soft.

And the virgin Brazilian hair means the hair is donated by the virgin Brazilian. The Brazilian hair has a great hair quality with durable lifespan and holds curls well.

For the body wave virgin Brazilian hair means the hairstyle is body wave which is like the soft water wave.


Advantages of virgin body wave hair

1. Unique hair appearance

Brazilian body hair makes women look elegant and sexy. These hairs are silky, soft and feel good. The Brazilian body wave hair has a natural wave, which makes your hair look mysterious, luxurious and young.

2. Brazilian hair without chemical treatment

Virgin Brazilian body hair can give you the most natural appearance and the most durable hair quality, because the hair is completely virgin Brazilian hair. The quality of Brazilian hair itself is durable and suitable for curling.

3. Not easy to tangle

Brazilian body hair is solid and thick, which is not easy to tangle and damage. The hair is flexible. This is low maintenance hair, which can save you maintenance costs.

4. Full volume

Brazilian virgin hair is dense, durable and soft. You can get a full volume of hair with a completely natural luster. Brazilian body hair is one of the most popular waves.

5. Can be sculpted multiple times

Brazilian body hair can be redesigned many times. You can stretch or curl it, or dye it. It is of high quality and can withstand more hair designs.

6. Persistent usage time

Virgin Brazilian body hair can be used for at least 2 years if well maintained. This kind of hair is very durable. Virgin human hair and Brazilian hair are its guarantee of quality.


How to care for your virgin body wave hair  

There are four skills to help you do better care for your hair extensions made of virgin Brazilian body wave hair: washing skills, drying skills, styling skills and maintaining skills. You can read on for more information about them.

One: Washing skills to care your body wave hair

1. Regular cleaning

You need to clean your body wave hair regularly. Your usage determines how frequently you need to clean it. Usually, once a week is enough, not too much or too little. You need to make sure that your body hair is clean and that it is not damaged by excessive cleaning.

2. Choose mild hair care products

You should know that shampoo and conditioner containing sulfate will harm your hair and make it dry and brittle, so you need to use sulfate-free hair care products to better protect your virgin body hair.

3. Choose warm water for hair cleaning

When you wash your hair, you must never use hot water, which will damage your hair. The best choice is warm water, and the high temperature of hot water will damage your hair, resulting in water loss.

4. Don’t apply conditioner to hair roots

When you apply conditioner, you must be careful not to apply it to your hair roots, which will dry your father’s hair roots and make his hair fall off. After applying the conditioner, you need to let the hair extension stand for a while, let it exert its maximum effect, and then thoroughly clean the conditioner.

Two: Drying skills to care your body wave hair

1. The best way

You can dry your virgin body hair by natural air drying, which is the best way.

First, you can use a clean microfiber towel to absorb most of the water from your hair, and then you can put the hair extensions made of hair on a drying rack to dry.

2. Use the hair dryer correctly

You need to use the hair dryer correctly, otherwise it will hurt your hair. You can adjust the gear of the hair dryer to the lowest level.

You can apply some thermal protection liquid to your hair to protect your virgin hair.

You can install a diffuser on the hair dryer to help you reduce the intensity and heat of the wind.

All these operations can reduce the damage to your hair.

Three: Styling skills to care for your body wave hair

1. Apply conditioner or essential oil when combing your hair.

When you comb your hair, you can apply some moisturizing conditioner or hair care essential oil to your Brazilian body hair, and then gently comb it with a wide-toothed comb or fingers, which will better protect your hair.

2. Reduce the use of heat setting tools.

If you want to curl or straighten your virgin hair, you will use some heat setting tools. You need to ensure the high quality of the tools, and you should be careful not to shape too many times and pay attention to thermal protection. You should know that the heat of the heat setting tool is very high, which will damage the stratum corneum of your hair, leading to dryness, tangling, splitting and shedding.

3. High-quality dyes and hot tools

When you choose to use dyeing or heat setting tools, don’t use inferior products, which will be a great hidden danger. You’d better use high-quality products to give your hair the most guarantee of safety.

Four: Maintaining skills to care your body wave hair

Hair care in daily life is the key to the maintenance of your virgin body wave hair. Here are some maintenance suggestions in life:

1. Protection at night

This is often overlooked by many women. If you need to wear your body wave hair extensions to sleep, you need to wear a silk hair cap or have your pillow replaced with silk, otherwise too much friction will damage your hair.

2. Regularly use conditioner or essential oil

You can regularly apply some special conditioners and essential oils to keep your hair nutritious and hydrated, which can keep your hair shiny and natural.

3. Storage skills

If you need to store your body wave hair extensions, you should choose a cool and dry place. You can choose a wig box or a wig bag to store it, or you can choose a wig holder according to your specific situation.

4. Comb your hair in time

You should comb your hair in time to get rid of tangles. You can comb it gently with a wide-toothed comb or fingers. You can apply some essential oils to help you if you are in trouble with tangles.

5. Deep care

You can go to the hair salon regularly and ask your stylist to help you take in-depth care of your virgin Brazilian body wave hair.

Final reminder

Hope this blog can make you care virgin Brazilian body wave hair better. And now the 10A quality various styles of Brazilian body wave hair wigs and extensions are hot-selling in our hair shop with big discounts. They are all virgin 100% human Brazilian hair.

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