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How To Care For Curls In Winter

In the winter of 2022, have you found that your curly hair is beginning to become dry and dull? Dry and cold winter is the season with frequent hair problems, so your hair care becomes more important. Curly hair is a hairstyle that is easy to dry and difficult to maintain, especially a curly wig. If you don’t know how to maintain your curly hair or curly wig, you can continue reading and refer to this blog’s guide. Maintenance skills are mainly divided into two aspects, prevention, moistening and repairing.

You will know more about the causes of dry curly hair and all the factors that are not conducive to curly hair maintenance in winter. Finally, you will get a detailed guide to winter care of curly hair. I hope this blog can help you maintain your curly hair or wig, so that your curly hair can regain its luster and be full of water.

Why curly hair is easy to dry and dull in winter?

  • Curly hair styling is often a hair styling that has undergone a heat setting, and there are not many people with natural curly hair. Whether it’s a wig or one’s own natural hair, the hair will receive an injury every time it goes through heat setting. After receiving the injury, the cuticle of the hair will be damaged, so the durability of the hair will become worse. Curly hair tends to dry, split and tangle more easily than straight hair.
  • Your curly hair is not conducive to the moisturizing of natural oils secreted by your scalp. Moreover, when you use maintenance conditioner and shampoo for cleaning and maintenance, it is easy to do incomplete cleaning and maintenance.
  • If you use a curly wig, the hair of the wig is completely moisturized by no natural oil, so you need to use conditioner and essential oil in time and more frequently for maintenance. However, if you use too much conditioner, it will also cause accumulation of styling products, which will affect the maintenance of your hair and even hurt your hair.

What will hurt your curly hair or curly wigs in winter?

1. Humidity


The air humidity in winter is very low, and the air is very dry. Your curly hair exposed to dry air will increase the loss of hair moisture.

2. Friction

In winter, friction is one of the most important reasons for damaging curly hair. Cold air, rough towels, pillows and hats can increase the friction with curly hair, at the same time, cause the cuticle of curly hair to be damaged, leading to the dryness, fragility and breaking of hair, and even friction leading to falling off.

3. Temperature


The low temperature in winter will make your hair lose its flow constantly, and in this process, the water in your hair will also be lost.

4. Irritating hair care products

Some irritating hair care products can harm your hair, such as those containing sulfate.

5. Volatile hair care products

Alcohol is a volatile and dry chemical component, which will cause damage to your curly hair.

6. Static electricity


Static electricity is the most common phenomenon in winter, and it is also an important factor leading to hair problems. Static electricity will make hair look messy and ugly, which is caused by the unbalanced charge caused by the drying and friction of hair.

7. Hard water

Hard water tends to leave residues in the hair, such as calcium, magnesium and sulfates etc. These ingredients will harm the hair in the hair, which is not conducive to the maintenance of the hair. 

8. Product accumulation

Excessive use of hair care products will lead to product accumulation, and the residue will harm your hair on your curly hair and prevent hair repair and nourishment.

How to avoid the hurt of curly hair?

1. Protect your hair when you go out

When you go out, you can curl your hair and make a bun, which can reduce the contact between your hair and cold and dry air. You can also use silk hats and scarves to help you protect your hair.

2. Reduce product accumulation

You should reduce the use of hair care products, because excessive cleaning and maintenance of your wig can easily lead to accumulation of products and harm curly hair.

3. Avoid hard water

The choice of water for your cleaning and hair care should be soft water. Hard water will harm your hair.

4. Choose a silk nightcap and pillow


You should pay attention to reducing the friction between your hair and the pillow when you sleep. You can choose a silk hair cap to wrap your hair or a silk pillow.

5. Protective oil

You can use arginine and jojoba oil to help your curly hair lock in moisture. At the same time, this protective oil also has a good protective effect on dry air and low temperature.

6. Reduce the use of hot tools


It’s a common sense that the heat setting temperature will hurt your hair. You should reduce or avoid the use of heat-setting tools in winter, such as dyeing or straightening and curling your hair.

7. Detangle hair

You should get rid of the tangles of your hair in time in winter. For a wide-toothed comb, you’d better use a wide-toothed comb to untangle, otherwise your curly hair will easily receive more friction and pull and be easily damaged.

8. Cut your hair short

You can cut your curly hair short. Too long curly hair is difficult to maintain adequately.

9. Install a humidifier


You can install a humidifier in the house, which can improve the humidity of your room, better care your hair and reduce the water passing.

10. Appropriate cleaning frequency

Usually, in winter, you can wash your curly hair once a week, and take care of it.

11. Drying of hair

You should dry your hair with a microfiber towel, and then let it dry naturally. If you need to use a hot hair dryer, you can install a diffuser on the hair dryer and use the lowest gear.

12. Hair cleaning


You should use warm water for cleaning. Hot water is not an option. When you wash, you should choose shampoo without sulfate. When you apply conditioner, be careful not to apply it to the hair root.

How to repair your curly hair?

1. Hair care products containing protein

You can use hair care products containing hydrolyzed protein to care for your curly hair. This hydrolyzed protein can help you repair the damaged curly hair, which is beneficial to the moisture retention of curly hair.

2. Hair conditioner for nutritional repair

You can deeply care and maintain your curly hair by using nourishing and repairing conditioner. This conditioner needs to stand still. You can install the instructions to ensure sufficient standing, so that you can maintain your curly hair to the greatest effect

3. Essential oil


You can apply some essential oil to your curly hair, which is equivalent to your natural oil. It can make your curly hair shinier and repair some damaged hair cells.

4. Scalp massage

You can massage your scalp with scalp oil. Promote the blood circulation of scalp, nourish more natural oils and ensure your curly hair. You can use jojoba oil, lavender oil and other oils for massage.

5. A good diet is very important

You should make sure you have a good hydration diet in winter. You can drink more water, eat more fruits and vegetables, supplement vitamins and some minerals beneficial to your hair in winter. Especially vitamin C and D3, which can restore the luster and elasticity of hair.

6. Hair mask that moisturizes hair


You can use some nourishing hair masks to moisturize and maintain your curly hair, which is one of the effective means of deep care and repair.

Final reminder

Hope you can learn better in caring your curly hair or curly hair wigs in the winter. Now, if you want to try new trendy curly hair wigs, you can try the human hair curly wigs of various styles in our hair shop.

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