How To Cut A Bob Hair At Home?

Short bob hair is very popular now, which is a kind of fashionable hair. It is very easy to cut and decorate, and this hairstyle is easy to maintain and very breathable, suitable for wearing in spring and summer. This popular hairstyle usually shows short hair and straight hair, and there are other hair styles, such as short curly hair and short wavy hair. Many women want to learn how to cut a bob hair at home. You can get the knowledge you need from today’s blog. Please continue reading.

A summary about cutting a bob hair at home

  • Get the necessary instruments ready before you start cutting: A comb, a razor, and a pair of scissors.
  • Divide the dried hair into three equal sections, two of which should be placed at the sides and one at the back of the head.
  • Use a hair band to secure them at the desired length.
  • Make a scissors cut under the tie on the rear portion.
  • With a razor, loosen the ponytails on the sides and cut them to match the back portion.
  • By raising a small section of hair and tilting it down at the end with a razor, you can trim the end of your hair and experiment with different hairstyles.

Detailed introductions you should know

Get the tools ready

1. Scissors


You’ll find it simpler to cut your hair at home if you have good scissors, especially ones made specifically for hair.   

A good pair of stainless-steel scissors should be located. Use caution while using household, gardening, or kitchen scissors since they could pull or harm your hair.

2. A razor


Razors are quite helpful for cutting bob hair. A blunt razor will make it more challenging to use, so be sure it is sharp.  

3. Hair bands and combs

You must fasten your hair band during the entire bob haircut procedure.   

Combs can be used to remove even small amounts of tangled hair. Otherwise, the knot will partially obstruct your cropped hair.

4. Confirm hairstyle

Before cutting your hair, you should confirm your desired length and hairstyle, and determine your steps. You’d better ask your family or friends to help you cut it.

5. Shampoo and dry

Before you cut bob hair, you should wash, dry and comb your hair. You should use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner on your hair. Then, let it air dry or blow dry naturally. Remember to use the lowest gear when drying to reduce thermal damage. After the hair is dry, use a wide tooth comb to disentangle and comb it. Remember that you should trim the hair when it is dry, and you will get a more accurate trimming length.

6. Divide the hair into three parts and fix it


After you dry and comb your hair, you can use a comb to divide your hair into three uniform parts: one at the back and one on both sides of your head. Then, use the hair band to fix the 3 parts. You may need to gently slide the headband up and down behind your hair, so don’t tie it too tightly.

7. Cut the hair at the back


You can cut the back of your hair with scissors first. If you cut your own hair, you may need a hand mirror. According to the length of the wave head you want, move your hair band and fix it. You can use scissors to cut directly under the back ponytail. Be patient in this process and make sure there are no mistakes.

8. Cut the hair on the side


After you cut your hair at the back, you should cut your hair at the side. You can use a razor. After trimming, loosen the back ponytails and shape the sides until they reach the desired wave head length.

9. Trim your bob hair appearance


You should trim your bob hair appearance to make your hair look more neat, natural and beautiful. You can add some layers to your bob’s appearance, such as cutting the ends of your hair obliquely downward and inward with scissors to make your whole bob look fluffy and plump, which will also help to gradually thin the ends of your hair and make them look more mixed.

10. More modeling

Your bob styling has been completed. If you want to further style your bob hair, you can dye, curl or pull your Bob hair according to your own preferences to create short hairstyles with different colors and styles.

Final thoughts

Do you know how to cut your bob hair at home? It is not hard that you can make a try. And dear, you can also choose a human hair bob wig to own a wonderful short hairstyle. If you are worried about cutting or having no time to do that, the bob human hair wigs of Recool Hair can help you quickly achieve the hair look you desire, and the price is not high, and the quality is so nice that you shouldn’t miss them.

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