How to cut a Bob hair at home?

Bob is a simple hairstyle, it is easy to cut and modify. This style is most commonly used for short straight hair. However, if you have long hair or curly hair, you can cut it. If you are an ambitious family hairdresser, you can cut your hair into a basic bob. You should collect the necessary supplies so you can cut correctly and then follow a few simple steps to get a beautiful look.

A good pair of scissors

If you decide to cut your hair at home, you should have a pair of scissors. You can find good shears on the web or at the beauty shop. You should look for shears with stainless steel blades and sharp blades. Do not use kitchen scissors, household scissors or garden scissors as they can strain or damage the hair.

Clipper and hair razor

You can find the hair clipper online or at the beauty shop. A hair razor will also be useful to cut Bob because it allows you to shape and trim your hair without having to do any big cuts. Make sure the hair razor sharp, the use of the process will be more convenient.

A comb and hair bands

You also need a comb and three headbands, hair combs that will help you to create part of your hair cut. When you cut the hair tie can keep the hair does not fall off.

Friends or family to help you cut your hair and confirm the style

Before your friends start cutting, you should also confirm the length and style of your hair. In the process of cutting, you should also communicate with your friends to confirm that they are doing what you want. You should let your friends know that if the style is too long or needs adjustment, you end up with a favorite bob hairstyle.
Wash your hair clean

Use your usual shampoo and conditioner on your hair. Then let it dry or blow dry. The hair is dry and you can be sure that you will not cut your hair too short, because wet hair may be shorter than it looks.

Divide your hair into three parts

Use hairbrush to split your hair into three parts, one on the back and the other on the sides of the head. With hair band fixed three parts. Make sure your back is behind your neck. You need to be able to gently slide the hair up and down on the back, so do not tie it too tightly

Use scissors to cut your back hair

If you cut your own hair, you may need to use a hand mirror to see the ponytail behind. Depending on the length you want, move the ponytail up or down to your neck. If you want a short Bob, the horsetail moves further up. For a longer time Bob, the ponytail moved further down. Most Bobs are on the shorter side so you can choose a shorter cut behind. For a more intuitive look, you can use a hair clipper to trim any uneven hair beneath the ponytail. If you use a hair clipper on your hair, take care to keep the hair clipper steady while cutting any uneven hair. Try to keep the back ponytail cut to the back so that the back looks straight and even.

Use a hair razor in the side section

Once trimmed, release the ponytail. Then release the side ponytail. You should have a blunt, even cut back and longer sections. Then you will pick up the hair razor and shape the side sections until they reach the desired length.

If you want more A lines look, you may keep the side part longer than the back part. Lift up a small amount of hair and place the hair razor through the bottom of the hair and tilt up. This will help to trim and mold the hair so that it is at a uniform angle to the back of the hair. For a more straight Bob look, use the shape of the hair razor and trim the side sections so that they are in the back section. Move the hair razor up until it is trimmed to the back of the length.

Add a layer

To add a layer, use a comb to comb a piece of hair on the side of the head toward the back of the head. Hold a length of hair so that it ends up, trim the ends with scissors and cut the nail clipper. Do not cut your hair straightforward as this can cause jagged ends. Continue to do this on the sides and backs of your hair, down with scissors and cut off the ends of the hair. This will create layers in your hair and make your Bob look more.

Mix the ends of the hair

You should mix both ends of your hair and make your bob look even and polished. Mixing the two ends will also help to eliminate any debris that is too long for the hair to scatter, lift the small hair and move the hair razor down on the hair. This will help to reduce the target and make it seem more integrated. Do this on your whole head, so the two ends are mixed.

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