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How To Pluck A Wig For Beginners

If you buy a wig without a pre-plucked hairline, your wig will look heavier and affect the natural and beautiful appearance of your hair. You need to put your wig, especially at the hairline, and remove part of your hair to make your hairline more obvious and your hair more natural. This is an important basis for whether a wig will give you a natural appearance, rather than being like a wig. If you don’t know how to do it. Please don’t worry, this blog will be your best help, and I believe you can effectively solve this problem after reading this blog.

Why to pluck your wigs?

Most wigs on the market are pre-plucked. If your wig is not pre-plucked or you are not satisfied with the hairline that has been pre-plucked, you can pull out your wig yourself to create a realistic, natural and perfect hairline. If you master the skills, it is not difficult to pull out the wig. You can do it easily.

Useful steps to pluck your wigs

1. Fix the wig

You should pin the wig on the mannequin’s head. This can ensure that your wig will not move or fall off during plucking. Otherwise, your pre-plucking may hurt the hairline of the wig.

2. Apply styling mousse

Then you should apply styling mousse to the hairline of the wig and gently massage it. Applying mousse will make hair easier to tweeze.

3. Expose hairline

Then you can comb the wig with a wig brush or a wide-toothed comb to remove all the tangles and comb the wig back to expose the whole hairline of the wig.

4. Pre-pluck your hairline

You can use a rattan comb to help you keep your hairline exposed, and then you can gently pull out the excess hair that affects the natural hairline with tweezers to make your hairline natural. When pulling out your hair, don’t pull the lace of your wig. Grab the root of your hair and pull it out, or you will hurt your wig lace.

5. Trim your hairline

You should trim your hairline to make it neat and even. You can try to pre-pluck and trim your hairline gradually. Be careful not to pluck it all the time in one area. You should always observe whether your hairline is natural, and then decide where to pluck it and how much to pluck your hair.

6. Create baby hair

You can try to create some baby hair to make your hairline more natural. Baby hair can make your hairline very real, and the whole hair seems to grow from your scalp.

Some tips to take care when your plucking

  • When you pull out your hair, try not to pull it out too much at a time. You can trim it after pulling it out less. Once you pull it out too much, it is irreparable. It is difficult to put it back on.
  • You shouldn’t pull out your hair excessively in one area, which will make it unnatural and even appear a little bald. You should always pay attention to the overall appearance of your hair when pulling out your wig.
  • Pulling out your hair can accurately show your overall appearance at any time, making you pull out your wig more accurately. Wet wig pulling is easier to move and control, which can speed up your wig pulling time. You can freely choose the way you like according to your liking.
  • When you pull out your wig, don’t hurt the lace of your wig. It’s best not to pull your lace to pull out your hair, because that may not only hurt your lace, but also make your hairline worse.

Why choose pre-plucked human hair wigs?

If you find it troublesome to pull out the wig, you can buy the pre-plucked wig directly when you buy the wig. You can consult the customer service of the wig shop before buying the wig to ensure that the wig is pre-plucked. For the pre-plucked wig, it will be easier for you to pluck the hair to create your favorite hairline.

Most wigs on the market are pre-plucked, especially human hair wigs. Human hair wigs are a high-quality wig. When making this kind of wig, it is usually pre-plucked to make the wig look more natural. Moreover, human hair wigs have a natural luster, and it is not easy to tangle and fall off. 

So, if you want to buy wigs, you must choose pre-plucked human hair wigs.

Where to get the best pre-plucked human hair wigs?

Recool Hair will be your best choice for the wigs which are all pre-plucked and 100% human hair. You can get the very natural hairline and hair look. There are many coupon codes for your use to get the wigs in affordable prices. So, why not buy the pre-plucked human hair wigs in Recool Hair?

The followings are some popular pre-plucked human hair wigs in Recool Hair:

Burgundy Highlight Body Wave Wig P1B/99J Colored 13×4 HD Lace Frontal Wig

natural black with 99j burgundy highlight body wave wig (3)

It is a body wave pre-plucked wig. The hair color is burgundy highlight color which is charming in the new year. And the length for wigs is from 16inch to 30inch. The hair density is 180%.

Short Bob Wig Brazilian Straight 13×4 HD Lace Front Human Hair Wigs 150% Density

bob straight hair wig

It is a short straight bob wig. The lace is HD lace which can give you the best hair look. And the wig is pre-plucked as well. The hair length is from 8inch to 14inch with the hair density 150% which is enough to make the hair full and dense.

Water Wave Glueless Bob Wig 13×4 Undetectable Lace Front Short Human Hair Wig

water wave bob wig

It is a water wave pre-plucked bob wig made of human hair. You can get the very realistic and natural hair look for pre-plucked hairline, human hair and HD lace. The water wave hairstyle is so stylish that you must have a try. The length is from 8inch to 14inch, and the hair density is 180% to make sue the full hair look.

Final reminder

Hope you will love the blog and get the benefits for plucking the wigs. And if you have any questions about the pre-plucked human hair wigs, you can contact the customer service of Recool Hair freely.

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