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How To Measure A Wig Length

There are more and more wigs on the market. When people buy wigs, they often encounter problems about the length of wigs. They don’t know clear what is the length of wigs, what is the length of wigs in shops, and how to measure and choose an appropriate length of wigs. In fact, only the suitable wig length can give you a natural and beautiful appearance. So, you must know better in the wig length. If the questions above are bothering you, don’t worry, my friends. Today’s blog will answer all these questions. Hope you can get useful help in the guide below. Come and study.

What is wig length?

Wig lengths have two kinds: visual length and actual length. For one wig, the actual length is usually longer than the visual length.

The visual length means the hair wig on your head and the length is from the headpin to the end of hair. The measurement is without straightening.

The actual length of a wig in shop is from the hair root at the top of the wig to the end of the hair.  Usually, wigs will be from 8inch to 30inch, and you can have all kinds of wig styles in this length range.


What is eye measurement by the main categories of wig length?

There are short hair lengths, medium hair lengths, and long hair lengths. And you can do the measurement by your eyes according the main categories.

  1. Short hair length is from under the ear to the chin, 6-12 inches. It is a short bob wig length.
  2. Medium hair length is between the shoulders and armpits and is 14-22 inches, also known as medium-length or shoulder-length. It is medium wig length.
  3. Long hair length reaches the armpit or longer. The long wig length is from 24 inches to more. It is a long wig length.

What is the measurement of wig length in shop?

When you buy a wig in the shop, you will see the length of a wig. How is this length measured? Install the wig on your hair, and then measure it from the top of your head to the back of your hair, reaching the bottom. The wig length measured by this measurement method is the standard wig length.

How to do the correct measurement when you get your wigs?

Wigs come in different lengths. The length of a wig is the length of the hair from the top of the head to where it falls.   For straight hair, it’s easy to understand. The length of a wig is the length of hair on the hair straightening unit.   You need to straighten your hair for curly hair and wavy wigs to get an accurate size because a curly texture makes hair look shorter than its actual length.

Tips to do the common measurement

  1. At first, you can put the hair to be measured on the wig stand or flat table or mannequin head.
  2. Take some hair from the top and straighten it. Press one end of the tape measure at the hair root and measure along the tape measure at the bottom of human hair. 
  3. Take some hair from the middle of the hair and measure it again.
  4. Take some hair from the bottom of the hair and measure it.
  5. Finally, you can compare the data three times. If the error is within 1inch, then it is the correct hair length.

Special measurement for different hairstyles

1. Measure wigs with straight hair


You can take a hair strand. Then you can measure the length of each hair strand from the root at the lace to the tip.

2. Wavy and curly hair wigs size


You can Grab a hair strand and try to pull it as straight as you can. The you can measure the length of each hair strand from the root at the lace to the tip.

3. Deals on Measure Hair Bundles

You can measure it from top to bottom for hair bundle offers.  When you measure the length, you should also be stretched out to be straight.

How to buy a suitable wig length

1. Consider the hairstyles you want

  • Straight hair: The visual wig length of a straight hair wig is the same as its actual length. You can choose the desired wig length.
  • Wavy and curly hair: The wavy and curly hair wig looks slightly shorter than the actual length for hair texture is curved. Therefore, you should choose 2 inches more to achieve the desired wig length.

2. Consider face shapes

You can try to buy the wig length that suits your face.

  • For square face, you are more suitable for short wigs.
  • For diamond face, you are more suitable for medium-length curly hair or a wavy wig.
  • For round face, you are more suitable for long hair, which will make your face look slimmer.
  • For oval face, you look good in wigs of all lengths.

3. Consider the lifestyle

  • If you often do sports and sweat or you are very busy in your life, you can choose a short hair wig, which is more breathable, convenient to wear and maintain, and saves time.
  • And the short wigs are lower maintenance than long length wigs.

4. Consider your budget

Usually, the longer the hair length, the higher the wig price.

  • If your budget is tight, you have the suitable option of short or medium wigs.
  • If it is adequate, you can buy any length of the wig.

5. Suits your height

  1. If you are high, you can choose longer length wigs.
  2. If you are short height, you can choose shorter length wigs.

Final thoughts

Our hair shop has many styles of human hair lace front wigs. And our wigs are various lengths for your choices. They are all 100% human virgin hair in affordable prices in this promotion. Why not come and try our wigs dear? You won’t get a disappointed shopping. Our high-quality fashionable wigs will give your best shopping experiences.

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