Why Your Wig Is Shedding And How To Avoid Them

Why Your Wig Is Shedding And How To Avoid Them

Just like your natural hair, your wig will fall off naturally and moderately, which cannot be completely avoided. But sometimes your wig falls off badly, which is caused by some bad reasons. Nobody wants their hair to keep falling off. So how to prevent your wig from falling off, what is the reason? Today’s blog will help you solve this problem.

What is the shedding of wigs?

Wig shedding mainly means that your wig begins to fall off excessively during use. This is usually caused by incorrect installation, wearing, maintenance, care, or the quality of wigs.

There are two main types of hair loss, one is completely falling off from the bottom. The second is the break of hair.

Why do your wigs shed?

1. Hair quality

The worse the quality of your hair, the easier it will fall off. So, when you choose wigs, you must choose human hair wigs instead of synthetic hair wigs or other wigs with poor hair quality. Human hair can reduce your hair loss and make it easier to maintain.

2. A tight hairstyle

If you often weave your wig hair into some tight hair style, such as braid corn, tight bun, etc., your hair will fall off more during the modeling process.

3. Heat setting tool

The heat setting tool will make your wig hair dry, and then cause the hair to break and fall off, such as straightening hair, curling hair, and dyeing hair. Dyes for hair dyeing may also be the cause of hair injury. Please try to use semi-permanent high-quality dyes.

4. Wrong comb

If you use the wrong way and tools to comb your hair, it will also cause your wig to fall off, such as pulling hard when combing your hair, combing your curly hair with a narrow tooth comb, and combing your hair when it is wet.

5. Wrong cleaning

When you wash your wig, if you hurt your hair root by mistake, it will also cause hair loss, which is often complete loss. For example, apply hair conditioner to the hair root, use hot water to clean the wig, use hair care products containing sulfate, and use soft water to clean the wig.

6. Manufacturing fault

If your wig is a newly purchased wig, but the loss of the wig is very serious, your wig may be defective or faulty by the manufacturer, you can contact the shop where you bought the wig in time to replace or compensate.

7. Friction of hair

You need to be aware that the friction of hair will make your wig dry or fall off, such as the friction between cold air and hair and the friction when sleeping at night.

8. Bleached wig

Bleaching wigs can also easily damage the hair roots of wigs and cause hair loss. This operation should be carried out under the guidance of professionals.

9. U/V protection

Expose your wig to ultraviolet light for a long time will lead to excessive loss of wig, making the hair brittle, thin, bifurcated and dry. Therefore, it is also important to avoid UV damage, such as exposure to the sun and the use of UV products.

10. Finger flexion

When you use your fingers to scratch your head, the hair knot of your wig may be loose, so don’t scratch your head hard or carelessly.

11. Wrong drying

When you use a towel to dry your wig, you use a towel with a rough surface, which will undoubtedly increase the friction of the hair and cause the hair to fall off. And your strength will hurt your wig even more.

12. Swimming

Swimming in the sea or swimming pool will hurt your wig to some extent. You can try to wear a swimming cap to protect your wig when swimming.

How to avoid them?

1. Choose a loose hairstyle

You can choose a simpler and looser hairstyle to reduce the pulling and weaving of your hair and reduce the shedding.

2. Avoid using hard water and hot water


When you clean your wig, you should pay attention to using high-quality water and avoid using hot water. High temperature will hurt your wig.

3. Comb your hair correctly


You should use a wide tooth comb or a professional wig comb to comb your wig. Be careful not to use too much force when combing the wig and comb it gently. It is best to comb your hair when it is dry.

4. Reduce the styling of hair

You should reduce the styling of wig hair, such as bleaching, dyeing, heat setting and so on. Before you heat set the wig, pay attention to thermal protection to prevent high temperature from damaging the hair and causing it to fall off.

5. Swimming protection

You can take off your wig when you swim or wear a hair cap to protect your wig. You need to clean your wig in time after you go ashore.

6. Avoid hair rubbing


When you go out in cold weather, you can roll up your wig and wear a hat to protect your wig and reduce the friction with air conditioning. You can also wear a silk hair cap or choose a silk pillowcase to protect your wig when you sleep.

7. Choose the correct drying method


You can dry your wig with a microfiber towel, and then let it dry naturally by air drying.

8. Reduce ultraviolet radiation


You should pay attention to ultraviolet protection for your wig hair. To reduce exposure to the sun, you can choose to wear such a hat or cover an umbrella. You should also choose products with low ultraviolet radiation.

9. Choose high-quality manufacturers


High-quality manufacturers have a good reputation and after-sales service, you can rest assured to buy and ensure the excellent quality of wigs.

10. Pat your head instead of scratching it

When you wear a fake and itch, you can pat your head instead of scratching it to relieve your discomfort, which will reduce the damage to your wig and reduce the loss.

11. Choose human hair wigs


When you buy wigs, you should choose human hair wigs instead of synthetic hair wigs, which can give you better hair quality and last longer.


Hope this blog can help you know the reasons of hair shedding and the ways to care your wigs better. If you want to get the human hair wigs in 10A grade, our hair shop will be your best choice that you can get the wigs in high quality, various styles and affordable prices. Welcome to see and make orders.

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