Hair Washing Mistakes That You Need To Know

The maintenance of hair is the concern of every woman who pursues fashion and beauty, because only by taking care of hair can it become shinier and healthier, and it can give you a beautiful and charming appearance. Whether you clean your wig or your natural hair, you should take it seriously.

It seems easy to clean the wig, but you must pay attention to some details carefully, otherwise, you will hurt your hair during cleaning, or the cleaning and maintenance effect of your hair will become worse.

The following blog will share some wig cleaning mistakes you need to know and avoid. I hope you can take better care of your wig later.

Why must you avoid the washing mistakes?

Only when you avoid mistakes in cleaning, your hair will be more natural, beautiful and charming, giving you the best hair appearance, healthy color and full hair density. Otherwise, your hair will become dry, dull, broken, split, fall off, messy and other hair problems.


Guide to help you avoid the hair washing mistakes

1. Forgot to comb my hair before shampooing

Before you clean your hair, you should first remove the tangles from your hair, because this can make your cleaning effect better, otherwise it will affect your cleaning effect. Removing tangles allows shampoo and conditioner to wash every part of your hair quickly and thoroughly.

2. Comb your hair with the wrong comb

When you comb your hair to get rid of tangles, you should choose the right hair comb. You can choose a wide-tooth comb or a high-quality hair comb, otherwise your hair may be easily tangled or fall off by the comb.

3. Comb your hair in the wrong way

You can’t comb your hair when it is wet, which will easily hurt your hair. You shouldn’t use too much energy when combing your hair, you should be gentle, so that you can better protect your hair. When you get rid of hair tangles, if you encounter stubborn tangles that are not easy to remove, you can use some essential oils to help you get rid of them easily and thoroughly, and to minimize the damage to your hair.

4. Use hot water

The water you use when washing your hair is too hot is not good, it is easy to cause thermal damage to your hair, you can use warm or cold water to wet and clean your hair, avoid using hot water, high temperature will dry your hair, accelerate the loss of water and nutrition in your hair.

5. Use soft water

You can’t use hard water when you wash your hair. The chemicals in the hard water will pile up on your head, just like tea stains. So, you’d better choose soft water when you wash your hair. Soft water can better protect the safety of your hair.

6. Wrong use of hair conditioner

When you use hair conditioner, you can’t apply it to the hair root, which is easy to damage your hair root and cause hair loss. So, when you wash your wig later, you must remember not to apply hair conditioner on your hair root.

7. Frequent cleaning

You should not wash your hair too much. excessive washing will remove excessive protective grease from your hair and dry it, causing damage to your hair. For the frequency of washing hair, usually once a week is ok, you should according to your wear frequency and hair dirty degree reasonable and appropriate arrangement of your washing frequency.

8. Choice of hair care products

When you choose hair care products, you must pay attention to choosing high-quality hair care products. For example, you can choose hair care products without sulfate and hair care products containing water-soluble protein. A good choice of hair care products will make you better care for your hair, otherwise it will hurt your hair.

9. Product accumulation

After you use conditioner and shampoo, you should thoroughly remove them afterwards, otherwise the conditioner and shampoo left on your hair will accumulate, which will harm your hair health.

10. Scratch and wash your hair

You shouldn’t scratch or scrub your hair with your fingers. You should rub and wash your hair with your fingers and take care gently to reduce the damage to your hair.

11. Use a rough towel

You need to dry your hair after washing it. You can’t choose rough towels, which will increase the friction between towels and hair and hurt your hair. You can choose ultra-fine towels to protect your hair.

12. Dry the wig with a heat setting tool

You should try to avoid using heat setting tools to dry your wig, such as a hair dryer. You’d better choose the natural air-drying method. The high temperature of the heat setting tool will hurt your hair. If you need to dry your hair quickly, you can choose the lowest position of the hair dryer, or apply heat protection liquid, or install a diffuser on the hair dryer.

How long can human hair wigs last if good care?

  • For a human hair wigs, the quality of this wig is very high, much higher than synthetic hair. Hair quality is better, it lasts longer, it is more natural, and there are fewer hair problems. For human hair wigs, if you can take good care of it, your human hair wigs can last at least one and a half years.
  • If you take good care of your wig, you can learn to avoid the wrong steps we shared above, and then take good care of your wig, and your wig can be well maintained. Of course, in addition to wig cleaning, you also need some extra wig maintenance skills, such as wearing a silk nightcap at night, swimming in a swimming cap, and avoiding ultraviolet rays from damaging your hair.

Final thoughts

This blog has introduced many mistakes you need to avoid when cleaning your hair. I hope you can learn and use them. If you often wear wigs and want to change to a new wig with high quality, Recool Hair is your best choice, with excellent hair quality, excellent store reputation and suitable inexpensive wigs. Believe you will have a good shopping experience in Recool Hair and get your favorite wig type.

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