How To Prevent Your Beautiful Wig From Smelling

How To Prevent Your Beautiful Wig From Smelling?

Several weeks ago, when I smelled my wig, I felt a little embarrassed. I started to question if anyone else in the area could smell it. In order to find a solution for my wig’s odor, I performed some research into what was causing it. This is what I discovered.

The moist natural hair behind wigs gives them a musty scent, which is common. To be sure, other elements, including the chemicals used in manufacturing, may also be to blame for the wigs’ unpleasant odor. To keep your wig from smelling unpleasant after wash day, always make sure it is completely dry before wearing it.

Has this ever happened to you? When wearing a wig, an odd stink might destroy your mood and humiliate you at a party. If you’ve had the experience before, you should pay attention to it; if you haven’t, you can start preventing it right away. In this blog article, we’ll explain what makes your wig smell terrible as well as how to get rid of the stench.

Why is your wig smelling?

There are several different causes of wig odors. We shall list them all for you today, some of which are brought about by the production process and others of them are created by the subsequent wearing and care procedure.

I. The manufacturing procedure.

The hair must go through many processing procedures in order to produce wigs with a specific color or texture. Both chemical agents and hair processing fragrances used in the preparation of hair are required for this procedure. As a result, most recent wigs have a distinctive flavor. Depending on the effect the wig maker wants, they don’t always smell precisely the same.

II. Not cleaned promptly.

Just like our real hair, wigs get up dirt and oil when worn for an extended period of time. The hair will emit some weird odors if you don’t wash it in a timely manner. 

III. Smell of the environment.

Your garments will retain an odor if you spend a lot of time in one place or if that place has a strong odor. The same is true with hair. Smoke, cooking odors, airborne dust, air fresheners, and incense may all sneak into our wigs. The wig could have maintained several aromas that combined to produce an odd stench after you wore it all day. It will accumulate more odor and is more likely to produce an odd stench the longer you wear it.

IV. Incorrect storage.

After washing, a lot of individuals don’t properly preserve their wigs. The wig will smell musty if it is kept in a moist or poorly ventilated setting. As a result, wig storage is also a crucial component.

What can you do to keep your wig from smelling?

The scent of a wig is simple to get rid of. Care for wigs is fairly similar to that for real hair. Cleaning and nursing techniques are thus the foundation for eliminating odour. To properly eliminate smells from your wig, we have some really clever solutions.

I. Let your wig air dry.

Let your wig air dry

If the weather permits, dry your wig outside after cleaning it. To let your wigs dry naturally on a sunny day, hang them up on a clothesline or place them on a wig stand. You need to make sure that your wig is totally dry before putting it on or storing it. In addition to having a foul scent, wearing a wet wig will make your scalp itchy because of the humid atmosphere. Your wig will become moldy if you keep it before it is entirely dried.

II. Make use of shampoo made for wigs.

Make use of shampoo made for wigs

Because they lack the scalp’s protective layer, even if your wig is composed of human hair, it still differs from our real hair. Therefore, we advise picking a specialty shampoo. In this way, it may provide deep conditioning while thorough cleaning the wig, although just once a week of washing is necessary. You can wash it after wearing it for two to three days in the heat if you’re feeling uneasy. 

III. Wrap your hair up or wear a cap.

Wrap your hair up

You might want to think about donning a hat or putting a silk scarf around your hair if you’re in a fragrant setting. Such as in a smoke-filled area or the kitchen. This will assist in protecting your hair from strange odors.

IV. A thorough conditioning treatment should be performed every two weeks.

A thorough conditioning treatment should be performed every two weeks

Deep conditioners, as we all know, can keep your hair silky and guard against breaking and tangling. Deep conditioners may really, to some extent, prevent the stench brought on by product accumulation and a clash of fragrances while also enhancing your hair’s natural perfume. We advise you to apply a deep conditioner roughly every two weeks.

Warming up your conditioner would be preferable for an additional thorough clean before applying the deep conditioner. You may put the conditioner in a closed container, submerge it in a sink full of hot water for approximately a minute, and then use it to condition your wig.

Additionally, it is ideal to use natural oils or a pre-mix of natural oils that don’t contain hazardous chemicals when using a conditioner to keep a human hair lace front wig hydrated, such as olive oil, coconut hair oil, argan oil, and so forth. However, unless you are certain that the smells are complementary, you should avoid DIY oil blending.

V. Maintain the cleanliness of your brush.

Maintain the cleanliness of your brush

Cleanliness is also important for your comb or hairbrush. Do not disregard this. To remove tangles and maintain your hair’s finest appearance, you use your comb every day. And over time, some of that oil (as well as dirt and pollution) is certain to accumulate on your brush when you comb your hair. Take the hair between the brushes out, and wash your wig frequently with soap and water to get rid of the scent.

VI. You should apply baking soda on your wig.

You should apply baking soda on your wig

Your wig will become softer and is the best solution for eliminating smells. Incorporate a teaspoon of baking soda into the wig washing solution, or totally immerse a few teaspoons in a sink and soak the wig for 10 to 30 minutes. After that, rinse the soda out with cold water and thoroughly wash your wig to ensure that any chalky residue is gone.

VII. Spray your hair with the apple cider vinegar solution or lemon juice.

Spray your hair with the apple cider vinegar solution or lemon juice

The scent of a wig may be easily removed and covered up with apple cider vinegar. Simply fill the basin with water, add the apple cider vinegar, and swirl before submerging the wig. Take it outside, give it a good rinse, and let it to air dry. Lemon not only gives your wig a wonderful scent, but it also lessens dandruff and extra oil in your hair. Simply wash your wig first for fantastic results, then squeeze some lemon juice into your hair and massage it into your scalp. Because lemon juice brightens your hair and brings out the highlights, it’s also wonderful for enhancing wigs.

VIII. Washing your pillowcase should be done often.

Washing your pillowcase should be done often

Many individuals believe that their pillowcases are exceptionally clean at first sight. However, there are a variety of minute but harmful items present, such as oils, dirt, perspiration, and so forth. We genuinely advise you to wash your pillowcase for a certain amount of time in order to prevent damage and get rid of the unpleasant wig smell. Additionally, you should wash your hair accessories on a regular basis, especially if you wear them to the gym. Examples include headbands, head wraps, and hair scarves.

IX. Properly store your wig.

placing wig on a wig stand

Make sure your wig is totally dry after washing. Make sure your storage area is dry and well-ventilated as well; or else, the humid climate may cause your wig to get mouldy and odorous. Additionally, you have the option of placing it on a wig stand or in silk bags.

Bottom line.

All of us desire longer wig lifespans. Wigs provide us a more pleasing appearance. Don’t forget to take care of your wig, please. I think you certainly don’t want a peculiar fragrance. Today, we mostly talk about several ways to stop hair wigs from smelling and some major odor-causing factors. You might attempt the procedure described above if the peculiar fragrance of your wig is leaving you feeling lost. We hope that you may find solutions to your difficulties through our blog. Please share any further suggestions you may have in the comment area if you have any.

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