How To Store Your Human Hair Wig

How To Store Your Human Hair Wig?

Do you want to discover how you may make the most of your wigs quickly and easily? You have the option to alter your appearance by wearing wigs. Today you could have blonde hair that is short, and tomorrow you might have long, darker hair. To get the most out of your wig investment, you must understand how to keep them properly. They will have a longer service life and maintain their brilliance and brightness as a result.

Simply having a large assortment of wigs is insufficient. Lack of appropriate wig storage causes them to depreciate with time and increases the likelihood that they will get matted and dry.

You’ve come to the right spot if you’re having trouble figuring out the best ways to keep your wigs since this post will walk you through some useful wig storage options. Find the approach that works best for you by reading all the way through.

You should take a minute to rejoice when you receive your very first hairpiece.

Keep looking yourself in the mirror, if you want to! Put your fingertips and face against the buttery tenderness. It is a sensuous encounter.

It’s possible that thereafter you’ll realize that the novel experience isn’t going to stay forever. This artwork has to be kept clean if you want it to remain beautiful.

Here are some beginner-friendly suggestions for caring for your real human hair wig.

Cleaning your wig or hairpiece made of human hair.

Getting your human hair wig/hairpiece washed is NOT the same as getting your natural hair washed. Again, not the same.

Please, for the love of hand-tied virgin hair, refrain from putting this piece on your head and starting to wash it the same way you do your own hair.

Because it will be too harsh on both your natural hair and the hairpiece, that is the reason. If you wear a wig, it probably won’t stay on very well while you’re wearing it in the shower, and if you use a hair topper, you don’t want the clips to tug on your hair while it’s wet.

Because the strands of real human hair are sewed onto fabric, real human hair wigs are quite delicate. Since you’ve probably invested in your hair piece, we want it to last as long as possible. Excessive rubbing or lathering might cause the strands to come out prematurely.

1. What you need before beginning:

Wig stand.

Gentle shampoo.

A large bowl or basin.

Hair brush.

Hair mask for deep hydration and conditioning. 

2. What is the best way to wash your wig?

Start by adding warm water to a large bowl or basin in your kitchen sink or bathtub (but not hot water). In the water, add a generous amount of mild shampoo (without SLS, parabens, or silicones) and stir until the mixture is frothy and soapy. In essence, we’re giving your wig a bath.

To fix the position of the hairline, grab your wig or hairpiece and hold it by the hairline. So that the soap permeates the entire hairpiece, gently submerge it in the water and swirl it about.

Squeeze the water down the ends of the hair to drain it, then remove the wig or hairpiece from the soapy water (once more, firmly securing the hairline between your fingers).

The inside cap (where the majority of oils have permeated) should be gently washed with a tiny amount of shampoo.

If the water is very filthy, pour it out and continue as above until you are satisfied that the hair has been cleaned.

Pour out the dirty water and continue the technique above until you are happy that the hair has been washed.

Drain the soapy water, then scrub the basin to completely rinse away the soap. Fill with clean water, then submerge the wig or hairpiece to rinse.

It’s time to deep condition your hairpiece after cleaning the wig or hairpiece.

3. Conditioning the wig.

Every time you wash your wig, we advise deep conditioning your hairpiece. You don’t need to put ordinary conditioner on the wig because you are applying a mask.

To accomplish this, pat the wig or hairpiece dry until it is around 50% dry. Apply the deep conditioning mask liberally on the hair piece (the ingredients we suggest using are listed below if you’re unsure).

Allow the hair care product to cure for at least 15 minutes after gently and evenly applying it to the hair with a damp brush (normally takes 20 to 30 minutes). We suggest masking for at least 30 minutes if the wig is blonde, light colored, or has previously undergone bleaching.

Once you’ve had time to wait, rinse the conditioning mask out using the same method you used to wash your hair. Use the dunking technique until the water runs clear in a basin filled with clean water.

4. Ensure that your wig is entirely dry.

Make sure your wig is totally dry after cleaning it before storing it. Keeping a wet or damp wig can just cause further damage and be useless. Mold and mildew thrive in this environment, which might endanger the hair strands further. Additionally, it may draw toxic compounds.

Your wig will dry most effectively if you let it air dry. For human hair wigs, a blow dryer can also be used, but first apply a heat protectant.

5. Straighten up your wig.

Proper detangling will stop your wig from losing its shape or style. To prevent breakage, it is preferable to detangle using a conditioner. Additionally, it makes it easier for your hands or chosen hair tool to go around the wig. In order to make it simpler to put on when required, some people also choose to untangle and straighten their wig before storing it.

Wigs may be store in six different ways.

How do you preserve your wig now that you’ve prepared it? The finest wig storage alternatives are shown below.

1. Wigs can be stored on wig stands or mannequine heads.


The most common way to store wigs is on wig stands or human heads. This is so that the wig, whether it is made of human hair or synthetic fibres, can keep its style and form thanks to the Mannequin or Styrofoam wig head’s human head-like construction.

It is best to purchase wig heads to exhibit your wig collection and correctly style them if you have adequate place in your closet or home. If you don’t have enough room, you may still apply this strategy by purchasing one or two wig heads that you can wear every day. To make room for your wig stands, you may also purchase a shelf that is wall-mountable.

Wig heads and stands are simple to use and keep your wigs looking their best. A cork canvas head or a portable wig head stand are good options if you worry that having many mannequin heads looking at you in your room would make you feel a bit uneasy.

To avoid dust and preserve the look of your wigs while they are on the wig head, cover them with a hair bonnets.

2. Wigs can be stored on hanging wig stands.


Wig hangers are a fantastic alternative to Mannequin heads if you don’t have enough space for them. It may be used to support your wig and is simple to hang in your closet.

Slide one piece into the other, then add the round ring on top to complete the hanging wig stand assembly. The wig hanger can accommodate wigs of all lengths, whether they are made of human hair or synthetic fibre. Additionally, it keeps wigs in shape while drying and is ideal for wigs.

To avoid garments from crumpling the wig, always make sure the wig rack is positioned in an open area of the wardrobe.

3. Wigs should be kept in silk satin bags.


Because of its capacity to hold moisture, silk is typically favoured over cotton in the hair community. In order to keep your wigs from drying out and becoming matted, satin bags are ideal for keeping them after style.

The silk satin wig bag has a drawstring closure that makes it simple to carry and use. Additionally, it has adequate space to accommodate many hair bundles at once. Do not discard any silk satin bags that some wigs may have included in their packaging. Additionally, they provide a plush feel and stop static and friction in wigs that harm the hair strands.

Silk satin wig bags are perfect for keeping your wigs when travelling because they are light and portable.

4. Wigs can be kept in a carton box.


Wigs increasingly frequently come in boxes as marketers strive to improve their packaging. These boxes shouldn’t be thrown away since you may use them to store your wigs. The wig may be folded and put in a carton box after being cleaned, dried, and detangled. To make room in your closet, you may also stack carton boxes.

You could always use a shoebox or a shipping carton box if your wig didn’t arrive in a box.

To avoid the wig assuming the shape of the box, make sure it is totally dry before putting it in one.

5. Travel with a wig box.


If you’re seeking for wig storage for travel, a wig travel box is a perfect choice. Some styles have a lightweight, foldable styrofoam head to help keep your hairpiece in good shape while it’s in a box. It is transportable and won’t take up much room in your vacation bag. When you get to your travel destination, you may take it out of the box and style it anyway you choose.

When travelling, it is generally advisable to bring a spare wig. Without the styrofoam head, the wig travel box can hold up to two wigs at once and still be portable.

6. Wigs can be stored in wig storage bags with hangers.


Wig bag storage on a hanger is a fantastic alternative if you’re looking for wig storage ideas without a wig head. Although this bag is best for wig storage, it is more suited for hair extensions.

It comes with a hanger, making it simple to keep without taking up much room in the closet. Its transparency makes it possible to instantly identify your wigs without having to open every suitcase. A non-slip flannel is also included with the wig storage bag with hanger to keep the wig in place. Additionally, it may be used to store travelling wigs.

After washing, you may dry your wig using the hanger.

Assort your wigs.

Your wigs will be simpler to find when you need them if you organize them. Finding a wig doesn’t need you to go through all of your wigs or open every wig storage. Here are some of the most effective wig grouping techniques.

1. Organize wigs by color.

To make it easier for you to find your wigs, arrange them together based on color. 

2. By length, group the wigs.

A useful technique to organize your wigs if they are all various lengths is by length. Group your short wigs together, and then do the same with your long wigs.

3. Sort the wigs by season.

Because the weather changes with the seasons, some individuals wear different wigs. In this situation, it is preferable to organize wig storage by season. 

4. Organize wigs by style.

By style is a different useful technique to organize your wigs. The straight, curly or wavy wigs can be arranged similarly to how the curly wigs are placed in the same location.

5. Give your wig labeled.

If the wig storage isn’t transparent and you wear several wigs, you might want to include a description tag. This will make it simpler for you to recognize your wig.

Wig storage suggestions.

Avoid direct sunlight when wearing wigs.

To keep your wigs secure, take heed of the additional advice provided below.

A wig’s original packaging might be useful for storage, so save it.

Keep cats and kids out of reach of your wigs.

A moist wig should not be stored.

You should fold your wigs before putting them in a satin bag, carton box, or travel box. If the wig has a part, you may do this by inserting paper inside the cap to keep it in place before folding from ear to ear.

Summary up.

Making the most of a wonderful wig is important if you’re going to invest the money in one, isn’t it? Maintaining your wig’s softness, hydration, and tangle-freeness requires a very simple—and quite important—step: storage. I’ll make the additional effort worthwhile. Your wig requires all the gentle, loving care you can muster in order to stay luxurious and elegant. Make a pinky promise that you won’t throw your wigs any longer on the bed, couch, table, or anyplace else it sees fit to land. To get the most use out of your wigs, try the wig storage techniques described above. Do we need any further techniques? Comment below and let us know.

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